Values We Believe In


Patriots for Delaware was formed in 2020.  We are a non-partisan coalition of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and unaffiliated voters that believe in Constitutional Values and Family.  We endeavor to help all Americans, regardless of race, color or creed, by affording them the Rights and Liberties to reach their maximum potential.  We believe that Constitutional Values, when coupled with hard work, personal responsibility, and charity, will allow all Americans to succeed.  Please join us in our mission to unite the political moderates of all ideologies, into a strong, vibrant community.  


We seek to make Delaware a better place to live by educating the public on issues that matter, engaging Delawareans in robust dialogue, and increasing public involvement in all aspects of governance.  It is up to us, the People, to secure and maintain a relationship with government that best suits our needs.  Over 200 years ago, we were given a foundation to flourish and prosper.  Now, it is up to us to unite and forge our dreams.  Liberty is never guaranteed, it is only ever secured when We the People demand it and take responsibility for the health of government.  We intend to do our part and we hope you will join us.

Through our vast network of enthusiastic Delawareans, we hope to unify and educate ALL citizens on natural law, founding principles, duties and operations of the United States government, and most importantly, our rights and liberties as We the People of our great Nation.  Awareness, wisdom, strength, responsibility and action are the keys to preserving our great Republic.  We seek a unified Nation, guided by a moral compass, rather than the heavy hand of government.   We recognize the right of all people to live as they see fit, responsible for themselves and their general well-being, unencumbered by tyranny.  This American government was created and limited, specifically to serve the needs of The People, but through the usurping of power and the acquiescence of the governed, the balance of power no longer favors Us.  We are more often the governed than the free.  We seek to change that.  It is time to return power to the People and together we can.

By engaging our politicians, holding them accountable and inspiring people from Main Street to serve in office, we will resurrect the representative form of government we were given.  Strong families, mutual respect between people, and open dialogue between the People and our elected officials, are all critical. Addressing journalistic integrity by direct engagement and exposure of bias will be a crucial part of our outreach and education campaigns. Our duty to preserve this American way of life transcends our time. We have a moral obligation to our children to pass on the torch of liberty that was passed to us. Together, we will preserve freedom and opportunity for future generations.

If you believe in our principles, please join us in restoring our country to the great nation that she once was. We Are Proud American Patriots!  Sign up for our email notifications at the bottom of this page.

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